Upper Midwest Performance Marketing
(AKA) Project X Marketing
owned and operated by Chris Kolstad.
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Complaint: **** collected $3100. dollars for a racing sponsershi...p with a guarentee to get me $15,000 in sponsership money its been a year now,he will not return
**** sell sponships for racing a bought a package for $3100. and he was to find a sponser for $15,000. This has been going on for over a year and will not return call I have left 27 calls and have not heard any thing from him.Th contract said he would have my money by may of 2012

Complaint Resolution: Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.

Complaint: I paid ***** ******* of ProjectX marketing for 2 sponsorship programs he has not paid me the money owed or refunded my fees that I paid him. In Aug. and Sept. of 2012 I paid Mr.******* 1675.00 in fees for two sponsorship packages that were to be worth 24,00.00 dollars for my racing program. All money and parts were to be sent and paid in full by Jan.1,2013. I was not sent a contract and have not been paid as of 2,Sept.2013. Mr.******* has sent me post on Facebook to call him so we can work this out and I have only to get his voice mail and I have not recived a return Telephone call back. The last time I talked to Mr. ******* was back in March 2013. I was told by Mr. ******* that he had sent me a refund check in the amount of 1675.00 back in Feb.2013 but I have not recived any payment only one response from Mr. ******* after I called him about not getting his payment. All I want is the refund that he was to provide. Now he has shut down ProjectX Marketing and started a new company call Upper Midwest Performance Marketing so I have lost all contact with him because he dose everything on Facebook. I've tried to find his new company on Facebook and on the internet to contact him and nothing comes up.
Complaint Resolution: Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues. -

Complaint: Company did not follow through with product. Company did not refund money as promised.Entered into an agreement/contract with Project X in 2009/2010. Project X failed to commit to what was then, their basic package. This package was to include stationary, sample sponsor proposals, business cards, and various discounts on merchandise. After repeatedly being given the runaround, phone calls, and being told "oh, We lost your contact info", I was then told that the package I had initially bought into, was no longer offered. ************* then said he would honor my commitment and apply it to the new packages they were offering. After 2 more years of nothing (and a deployment to Afghanistan looming), ***** promised me a refund. This was in June/July of 2012. I asked that he send the money to my wife, as I would be out of the country. A refund was obviously never received. Since my return in 2013, he has continued to ignore my requests for a refund. He sent 1 e-mail to my military account, with a smug and sarcastic reply due to a post that I made on an online blog. In this blog I informed a person that I had not received anything from Project X(Truth). His reply to me was "being such a ray of sunshine in your posts makes me want to help you so much". I responded that I didn't want his "help", I wanted him to honor his promise of a refund of my money. I still have not heard from him, and an e-mail to his supposed assistant "******" has netted yet another non-response, dead-end.
Complaint Resolution: Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues. -

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreementComplaint: Paid $100 for sponsorship signed contract no sponsorship. No refund. No calls backI met with the owner of Project X Marketing. He told me that if I gave him $100 he could get me $500 in sponsorships. I signeda contract. I habe been waiting for money for 18 months. He won't return calls. He also advertises on faceboom. I will try to notify him and he deletes comments. I have talked to many guys who habe been getting ripped off from him. He needs to be stopped. Complaint Resolution:
Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues. -

Complaint Category: Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policiesComplaint: I signed a Contract with Project X Marketing last year 8/12/12 and I have not received any part of a sponsorship deal or refund at this time. On 8/12/12 I signed a contract with ***** ******* of Project X Marketing. The contract is for a sponsorship deal within 3 months of signing or they would provide a refund. After a year of being told that they had a deal in the works but always weeks out. The deals never materialized and the communications were less and less frequent. I suggested to Mr. ***** ******* that if a deal was not made by July 1 2013 that I would want to be refunded. Again ***** ******* told me there was a big deal in the works and he would have a asked me to hold and give him a chance to work something out. I gave ***** ******* the benefit of the doubt and waited patiently for the deal(s) to materialize, it never did and I never heard back from him at all. When I asked for an update my Posts would be maliciously removed with no contact at all from ***** ******* of Project X Marketing. I take that back, they did communicate with me. They suggested I was childish, disrespectful and started suggesting I was the issue. I'm not sure where that came from because I was simply asking for updates. The bottom line is we signed a contract, that contract states that if a Sponsorship deal is not made in 3 months that I am entitled a full refund. I asked ***** ******* of Project X Marketing for a refund but now all my communications are being ignored.Complaint Resolution:
Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.
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Upper Midwest Performance Marketing
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544 20th CT SE
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Christopher John Kolstad 544 20th CT SE, Cambridge, MN 55008   
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8/23/2013 Original Filing - Assumed Name